The City of Memphis Storm Water Program works to encourage public participation and involvement regarding storm water issues. A great way to get involved is by adopting a storm drain! Put a name and a face to storm drains and give them a voice! You can read the requirements and send us an adoption application using the form below. Please send a separate application for each storm drain. The City of Memphis Storm Water Program will come and apply your customized storm drain marker for you!


  • Your name or organization will be written on the adopted storm drain marker with an environmentally friendly, xylene free, UV proof outdoor pen. You can specify how you want your name written (first name, last name, family name, school or company name, ect.) when we contact you for more information.
  • Keep debris away from your adopted storm drain! Pick up litter and yard waste before it enters the drain. Check before and after rain events and after heavy wind.
  • Never attempt to remove chemicals or unknown items. Call Memphis Storm Water at 636-6721 if you observe any suspicious materials on or in your adopted storm drain.
  • Call Drain Maintenance if you observe your storm drain is clogged. Don’t try to unclog it yourself! You can reach Drain Maintenance by calling 357-0100 or by calling the Mayor Citizen’s Service Center at 3-1-1 to open a service request.
  • If you see anyone dumping anything into your adopted drain, get as much information as possible without confronting the violator and call the Memphis Storm Water Program at 636-6721.
  • Your storm drain marker should be durable for years. But if you observe that your storm drain marker needs replacement OR if you move and can no longer take care of your adopted storm drain, notify the City of Memphis Storm Water Program at 636-6721. 

Adopt a Storm Drain

Multiple storm drains need to be submitted separately.
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Only Rain Down ... (your name or business name here)'s ... adopted storm drain!


What goes into the storm drain discharges into our rivers! A happy storm drain will lead to a happy waterway.

Nonconnah Creek from Riverport Bridge

Paint Discharge in unnamed tributary to Hurricane Creek