Hello Children!
My name is Gurgle, and I am a storm drain.
What is a storm drain, you ask?
Did you ever wonder what those iron grates you see in parking lots or the big slotted holes along the streets are for? We are types of storm drains. And we have a very important job. To explain that job, I’m going to pour some water on a sidewalk and I’m going to pour some water on grass.
What happened to the water I poured on the grass?
It soaked into the ground. And what happened to the water I poured on the concrete? It spread out and did not soak in.  Well, it did that because concrete won’t absorb water.
Think about a rainstorm in the City. The City has A LOT of hard surface like concrete and roofs. These are examples of impervious surfaces.  When rain falls and hits these surfaces, it is not soaked in. In a big rainstorm, there is A LOT of water- and sometimes wind, too. Our lawns aren’t enough to absorb all that water. If the water has nowhere to go, it will rise…and rise…and rise… and there are a lot of things in the City that DON’T need to be underwater.
And that is what I am for, children! My cousins and I help to keep the City safe in rain events! We swallow that water and it goes down into the City’s Storm Water Drainage System. The storm water exits into surrounding creeks, streams, and rivers.
The problem comes when I have to swallow things that AREN’T rain water. Storm water can carry items other than rain into the storm water drainage system. Things like trash and leaves are pollutants and can make me and my downstream friends sick. I’m not supposed to swallow that stuff!
And so, dear children and parents, that is why I come to you!
As the Storm Drain Ambassador, I give a face and a voice to the storm water drainage system! The storm water drainage system is the City’s direct link to its surrounding creeks, stream, and rivers! If you want happy rivers and clean water, it starts with me!
Remember- ONLY rain should go down a storm drain! Throw all trash and yard waste away properly! If you don’t, it can be carried by wind or rain to our rivers.
Your friend,


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And thanks for caring enough to listen!