Storm Water Pledge

The City of Memphis Storm Water Program works to encourage public participation and involvement regarding storm water issues. Do you want to commit to making a positive impact on storm water quality? Download and fill in our Storm Water Pledge Form or send out a tweet and post on Facebook your commitment to improving Storm Water Quality!

Prevent pollution - Take the Storm Water Pledge.jpg

I pledge to do my part to keep our waterbodies clean by…


P icking up trash, not only mine - but other trash when I can and it is safe!

I will not dump oil, paints, or other chemicals into storm drains!

C ar washing vehicles in a licensed car wash or on my lawn!

K eeping yard waste off the street and out of storm drains!


U sing fertilizers and pesticides properly!

P icking up after my pet and scooping its poop!

I will remember that

‘Only Rain Should Go Down the Storm Drain!’

I will set a positive example for other Memphians!

I will report illicit discharges-

I will not try to enforce compliance myself!