Commercial Credit

 A credit adjustment policy is in place to provide incentives for businesses to install storm water management controls. Nonresidential property owners may apply for a credit toward their storm water fee by implementing measures that either reduce the volume or improve the quality of storm water discharged from their site. The specifications for these measures and the application procedure are provided in the Storm Water Enterprise Fund Adjustment and Credit Manual, which you can download below.

Storm Water Enterprise Fund Adjustment and Credit Manual

Fees & Billing

The City of Memphis Storm Water Program is required by our NPDES Permit to do many things. To meet the requirements of our permit, the City established the Storm Water Enterprise Fund. You may specifically reference Ordinances 5135, 5157, and 5650. The fee funds the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the storm drain system, the detection and monitoring of illicit discharges, construction sites, public awareness, the sampling of our waterways, and more.