Public Outreach

The City of Memphis Storm Water Program works to provide public education and outreach regarding storm water issues. We encourage public participation and involvement by organizing clean-ups, providing various storm water education activities, and promotional items. You can read the details below and send us a request. Please use the form below and send each individual request separately.

Types of Requests


Request help organizing a clean-up for your neighborhood or school! Clean-ups are a great awareness activity and make a positive impact on water quality. We will contact you to confirm availability after receipt of your submission.

Include the following details:

  • Approximate estimation on age and number of participants
  • General location of clean-up
  • Type of litter in the area
    (e.g., surface litter like paper and plastic trash or heavy debris like tires and mattresses)
  • Approximate number of storm drains to be marked

Education Activities

Request an education activity for your students! We provide numerous age-appropriate activities from story-time to chemical and biological sampling. See our list of activities here. We will contact you to confirm availability. You can also request to have your class participate as a Junior Water Water if they are middle school students! See our flyer here and include the same details listed below on your submission form.

Include the following details:

Promotional Items

Request some of our promotional items for individual use or events! We will contact you to confirm availability and if you want to pick them up or have them mailed. Some promotional items available for request are as follows:

  • Scoop the Poop Lawn Sign
  • Pet Waste Pick-up Bag Dispensers
  • School Pencil Bags
  • Totes
  • Watershed Car Bumper Magnet
  • ‘Don’t Flick It!’ Cigarette Butt Litter Awareness Car Window Decal
  • General-Purpose Storm Drain Markers

Include the following details:

  • Type and amount of promotional item(s) requested

Submission Form

Name *
Phone *
Description- include details listed for category to left

Scoop the Poop Lawn Signs and Watershed Car Bumper Magnets are just a few popular items you can request!