We all live in a watershed — the area of land that drains to the same waterbody (such as a stream, lake, estuary, wetland, aquifer, or even the ocean). A smaller watershed can drain to a larger watershed. Memphis has four watersheds: the Loosahatchie, Wolf, Nonconnah, and Mississippi River watersheds. The Loosahatchie, Wolf, and Nonconnah watersheds eventually drain to the Mississippi River Watershed. The Mississippi River Watershed is the fourth largest in the world! It eventually drains to the Gulf, which becomes part of the North Atlantic Ocean. Every single person living in this city has a global impact through their watershed. Make your impact a positive one! 

Bakers Pond

Meet your Watershed!

Wolf River- approximately 23 miles of the Wolf is impaired within Memphis limits

Nonconnah Creek – approximately 27 miles of the Nonconnah is impaired within Memphis limits

Loosahatchie River- approximately 26 miles of the Loosahatchie is impaired within Memphis limits

Mississippi River- approximately 47 miles of the Mississippi is impaired within Memphis limits.










Gurgle Factoid!

The water from Baker’s Pond in Mississippi flows northwest and merges with other waters to eventually become the Wolf River! The Wolf empties into the Mississippi River and then flows south to the Gulf of Mexico. Water is carried in many different ways, but in the end it still connects us via the watershed.

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