April Press Release

Proper Use of Lawn and Garden Chemicals Will Help Protect Area Rivers, Lakes, and Streams. See the PDF of the City of Memphis Storm Water Program April Press Release.


CONTACT: Tasha King-Davis, Administrator of Environmental Compliance and Permits 636-4349, tasha.king@memphistn.gov


Proper Use of Lawn and Garden Chemicals Will Help Protect Area Rivers, Lakes, and Streams

 Memphis, TN ( April 05, 2017) – Proper use of lawn and garden chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides plays an important role in protecting our area rivers, lakes, and streams according to the City of Memphis Storm Water Program. 

Chemicals have a role to play in establishing and maintaining healthy lawns and gardens.  When used improperly or in excess, lawn and garden chemicals can wash into drain inlets during storm events.  Storm water carrying these chemicals, flows from the inlets through the drainage system and discharges into the local creeks and rivers and eventually into the Mississippi River.  Lawn and garden chemicals transported by the storm water pose a threat to fish and other aquatic life in these water bodies.

To prevent these chemicals from entering the storm water drainage system it is important to:

Follow label instructions carefully and apply chemicals sparingly.  Using extra product does not provide extra benefit and may damage your lawn or garden.

Allow time for chemicals to properly dry before watering your lawn, and never use lawn chemicals when rain is expected.

Use caution on slopes and lawn edges to keep the chemicals out of the storm water drainage system.

Sweep up and properly dispose of any dry chemicals on sidewalks and driveways.

Beautiful lawns and gardens make a positive contribution to our community, but let’s make sure this contribution doesn’t come at the expense of our rivers, lakes, and streams.


For more information on the City’s Storm Water Program call 636-4349.