January Press Release

Recycling Protects Our Natural Environment and Saves Resources. Continue the Holiday Cheer by Recycling Your Christmas Trees!

Memphis, TN (January 10, 2018) – Once Santa and his reindeer have headed home and Christmas tree needles are scattered on the floor, it’s time to toss the once fresh-smelling tree. The City of Memphis Storm Water Department wants to remind all residents to properly dispose their Christmas trees by either recycling or leaving them out for curbside pickup.

In addition to protecting the storm water system, properly disposing Christmas trees by recycling keeps thousands of pounds of evergreens from being deposited into landfills.  Instead they are recycled into mulch and re-introduced into the environment.  Christmas trees may be dropped off at the Shelby County Public Works Department recycling center located at 105 South Germantown Road.  All stands, lights, and decorations must be removed prior to drop off.  All collected trees will be recycled into mulch.  Mulch from the recycled trees will be made available to residents on either Earth Day or at the America Recycles event in the fall.

The City of Memphis Solid Waste Department will also provide curbside pickup of live trees along with trash collection on your scheduled day of trash pickup.

PLEASE! BE PROUD OF YOUR CITY. HELP KEEP OUR WATERWAYS CLEAN AND BEAUTIFUL. For more information about recycling your Christmas tree, call 636-6500. For more information about the City’s Storm Water Department, call 636-4349.