Elan Holmes-Marsh's 2018 Green Camp Paper

In 2017, the City of Memphis Storm Water Program evolved it's formerly funded Pre-Engineering Enrichment Program (PEEP) into Green Camp. Green Camp invites high school students from the Memphis area who have completed their application hands-on experience in all aspects of water quality one day a week over the summer for a set time period! This includes the history of the storm water drainage system, channelization, purpose of a watershed, pollution prevention from clean-ups (including trash breakdown and decomposition times), trash booms, and man-made wetlands, water quality analysis (chemical and biological) of urban and rural waterbodies, and man-made and natural wetland comparisons, identifications, and purpose. 

We asked the students to submit a paper of their findings. We are posting pictures and their papers as received and invite you to enjoy the work from our valued participants with us! Read Elan Holmes-Marsh's paper here!