Memphis Storm Water Teacher Appreciation Award Recipient Mary Leslie Ramsey with New Hope Christian Academy

The Memphis Storm Water Department wants to honor teachers who go above and beyond to bring environmental education and storm water awareness to their students! Beginning this year, teachers who have done outside work of their own or invited us to their class to provide at least 8 of our many storm water education activities (selected to fit the teacher's lesson plans for math, science, reading, art, and more) can be honored with the Memphis Storm Water Department Teacher Appreciation Award! We deeply appreciate all teachers and we could not be what we are without their involvement to help us inspire and motivate students to make a positive impact on storm water quality! If you want to invite us to your classroom, fill in our form here!

Our first award was given to Mary Leslie Ramsey with New Hope Christian Academy

Mary Leslie Ramsey, a 19-year teaching vet at New Hope Christian Academy, has made science a wondrous experiential learning opportunity for elementary students. “For the past five years, I have had the privilege of focusing on helping create two Outdoor Learning spaces for our students, an acre Urban Farm and Urban Forest.” Students walk into these spaces to both learn and play, from gardening, planting and harvesting produce to climbing the giant tree-house, and many other exploratory opportunities. “What do I love most about teaching? Watching students get caught up in the wonder of nature and to marvel at God's creative power and generosity offered across our campus.”

Ms. Ramsey Teacher Award.jpg

Ms. Ramsey was a part of the students recreation of the Mississippi River model in their urban forest area. When it it rains, runoff carries some trash from the neighborhood through their little river model to their 'Gulf of Mexico', where students clean it up!