Memphis Storm Water Teacher Appreciation

The Memphis Storm Water Department wants to honor teachers who go above and beyond to bring environmental education and storm water awareness to their students! Beginning in 2018, teachers who have done outside work of their own or invited us to their class to provide at least 8 of our many storm water education activities (selected to fit the teacher's lesson plans for math, science, reading, art, and more) can be honored with the Memphis Storm Water Department Teacher Appreciation Award! We deeply appreciate all teachers and we could not be what we are without their involvement to help us inspire and motivate students to make a positive impact on storm water quality! If you want to invite us to your classroom, fill in our form here!

This year it was with great pleasure and sadness that we presented the first award of 2019 to our own Sharon Gordon, who created the education element of the City of Memphis Storm Water Department and has worked with communities and teachers since its inception. Sharon Gordon retired in August 2019 and will be deeply missed. But our education will continue!

Sharon Gordon created outdoor education programs like Green Camp, Junior Water Warriors, and worked with TEEA to bring children a hands-on link and connection with the world around them. From the tiniest macro-invertebrates to the plants and birds around them- Sharon could turn anything into an opportunity to connect to people and the environment. She appeared to move like a dragonfly in 6 different directions when in the public, but gave her full attention to all.

Congratulations and happy retirement Sharon! And THANK YOU for EVERYTHING you have done and given to your community!