2018-2019 Art Contest: Design Gurgle's Next Downstream Friend!

Teachers and parents- if you have children in grades PK- 5th grade, consider entering our 2018-2019 school year Lil' Pollution Preventer's Art Contest! Education is a great way to prevent pollution and we are asking students to design Gurgle's next downstream friend and show how this friend is impacted by storm water pollution. We will have 2 winners, one for the PK-2nd grade age group and one for the 3rd - 5th grade age group. Winning artwork will be published in Jabberblabber, LaPrensa Latina, and on a billboard to encourage citizens to adopt a storm drain to protect storm water quality. Their downstream friend will also be featured in a new Gurgle comic strip and the students could be featured in our next storm water commercial! Read our rules and submit artwork by the new extended deadline, February 28, 2019.

Rules for 2018-2019 school year Lil' Pollution Preventer's Art Contest

Details on Adopting a Storm Drain

Who is Gurgle?


Our past year art contest winners! See more artwork here and here. Check our video page to see 2016-2017 school year winners in the commercials airing this year in 2018! 2017-2018 school year winners will have a commercial air in 2019. Winners from the 2018-2019 art contest will have commercials air in 2020. Follow us on Facebook to see it after it is filmed later!